Sound Resonance Therapy

Do you feel “something is missing” in your life?
Well, very simply, it could be “sound“.
All life is born of vibration—sound and light. If either is distorted, you and your direction in life could be misaligned.

Sound is vibration—you and the world around you, everything is made of sound. All maladies, all emotions happy or sad, all matter, it is all made of sound.

Have you ever felt disconnected, out of balance, uncomfortable or ill at ease with any aspect of your life? This could be a result of energetic interference—be it physical or etheric, emotional or mental—inhibiting the proper sound from permeating your field. It can be removed simply by providing the proper resonance.

Imagine moving along your journey with ease and grace as your life force energy flows harmoniously throughout your system, and beyond.

What is StillPoint EnerQi (pronounced Ener“chi”)?
In my practice I work with the StillPoint, and for me, it is the most profound part of my work.

Some people believe “stillpoint” is a term having its roots in osteopathy and craniosacral therapy, but the definition of stillpoint is much more deeply rooted.

One place it is seen without even realizing its secrets, is in the middle point of the infinity symbol, representing zero-point consciousness. Stillpoint, is the all-time-no-time point of power~the alpha/omega~it is the moment between time, where “all” is. It is the deepest and most real part of who we are. It is the physical moment between each breath, that you are directly and divinely connected to God and universe.

And, “Ener” is for the energy I work with and “Qi” (pronounced as chi) literally means breath.

Regain your power — feel alive again.


Sound can feed the body and field to break-up and release energy blocks, bringing a balanced resonance to the body.

Reiki &
Energy Work

Reiki and Energy Work accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities, and leaves the body in a deep state of relaxation.

Low Level Laser

An energy healing technology that aligns and strengthens the natural healing system of the body, relieving pain and inflammation.

Kind Words

“After a fall that resulted in 2 broken bones in my hand, I went to see Lori. At that time, I had lost the use of my entire left arm. Pain radiated from the tips of my fingers up into my shoulder. My fingers were gripped into a fist and pain prohibited me from moving them. The side of my wrist was swollen out like half a baseball. Lori began the treatment with laser and moved on with Scenar. By the end of the first treatment the swelling and pain were significantly reduced. We repeated the process for a second day by which time I could open my fingers and use my hand. I had also regained the use of my arm. After the third day the swelling was unnoticeable and I had regained 80% use of my hand. It was amazing! The success I experienced from this combination of treatments surprised me. I was able to heal completely without any casting or restriction required. Thanks Lori.”


Brenda, Calgary, AB

“Lori is a fabulous animal communicator. She has spoken directly to most of our furry/feathery family members with great results. She connected so well with one of our birds, that when she passed, she came to visit Lori and tell her how happy she was. She truly has a great gift.”


Lisa, Bearspaw, AB

“When I was in Calgary last, I saw Lori for a sound therapy treatment. My spine realigned and I no longer had pain between my shoulder blades. It’s now months later, and the pain has not returned. I live in Ontario and receive monthly remote treatments from Lori to keep my nervous system in check and pain at bay. I find when I have regular remote treatments I sleep better and wake up more refreshed.”


Marianne, Toronto, ON

“During a conversation Lori quickly and accurately identified painful places on my left side even though we hadn’t discussed them. In the past I had broken the left ankle and left hip and I had two compressed lumbar vertebrae. I got out of bed the day after talking to Lori and the first thing I noticed was NO PAIN! I found out later that Lori had done the tuning during the night. The following morning was the same, and the morning after I was able to walk the dogs for the first time in a couple of weeks.

Best of all is now, seven months later, I am still pain free. If some body part acts up, it only lasts a day or two. I am moving normally, no longer like a 100-year old lady. I am very grateful for the blessed work Lori does. It is very powerful, yet gentle work, and I have been so happy to tell my friends about it.”


Joan, Regina, SK

“I would highly recommend Lori as an extremely intuitive and skilled professional who helped me greatly through a difficult time physically and emotionally. As well as Lori’s deep, loving and natural intuition, she is trained in using the beautiful crystal bowls and special tuning forks. Lori’s own natural healing abilities as a Reiki Master, has assisted many people in recuperating from varied challenges. Lori spent a lengthy time in working with my chakras to perform massive releases throughout my multidimensional body. She is able to work remotely thus making it possible for her to help you no matter where you live. Her detailed documentation of her session with me is something I found particularly helpful. On reading it, I could visualize exactly where she worked and the feedback she received from the bowls, forks, Reiki and, most importantly, her own natural intuitions. I feel blessed to have had Lori work with me!”


Ruth, Regina, SK