Transition Work

Facilitating Death and Dying

A special part of my work is assisting and supporting those we love, including our beloved pets, through their transition from physical to non-physical. Moving through the cessation of the physical is a natural progression and passage of each soul. I do this by connecting through subtle energy fields, as I do with my distance work.

This process can be overwhelming for some, even if a soul feels ready to pass. They may be uncomfortable with the process, not sure how to release, or worried about leaving those they love behind.

At the same time, I work with those grieving for an imminent or previous loss and needing assurance their loved one will be OK. They could also be apprehensive for their own life, as this may create a feeling of insurmountable change in their way of being, or day to day living.

Assisting those in transition is an extreme privilege. It is difficult for me to put into words the experience I have when working with someone moving through the end of life process. I have profound gratitude to those for allowing me the great honor to assist them with this experience.

When the time is nigh and even following departure from the physical, there is incredible joy for the soul and in the space surrounding them. It is our progression of consciousness—the ultimate healing of the soul. It is our return—our immaculate transcendence into Divine Grace.