I am very excited to share my new site with you. I encourage you to look around, learn a little about me and what I call Sound Resonance Therapy.

My name is Lori, and I’m grateful to share my purpose and passion.

A few years ago I was at a job that no longer served or satisfied me. It was good in many ways, however something was missing. Things became harder and harder in all aspects of my life, and I lost more and more of my energy. Then, through a series of what seemed like accidental meetings, events and coincidences, I found myself drawn to a healing modality—I know now, I was being guided.

I had taken a Crystal Singing Bowl course, a lesson in frequencies, and bought my first bowl. Then I was drawn to a “tuning fork” course called The Healing Power of Sound taught by Dr. Geoffrey Montague-Smith D.O. a protégé, in the field of sound, of Peter Goldman D.O., N.D. This is where I had my incredibly profound “Aha” moment. It was defining—it was through the tuning forks my life suddenly, and with with pure knowing, opened up. It felt as if I was taking my first breath.

I understand now everything in my life brought me to this profound moment. I knew I was to use frequency as a modality to heal. To heal all that are open to the frequency of creation—those here, those who choose to make transition, and those who have crossed to the other side—all who seek healing.

my gift
my purpose
my passion

one that I am so excited to share with others.