Remote/Distance Work

Remote or Distance Healing is the process of sending directed healing through focus and “compassionate intention”—much the same way as prayer.

During distance healing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body are accessed through the client’s energy field. This technique has proven to be as effective as an in-person healing session and sometimes even more so, as the energy body is accessed easily, and any unresolved emotional issues of the client isn’t given the opportunity to limit or interfere with the soul’s desired outcome.

When I perform this type of work it isn’t necessary to set a time or a space for the client to be present. In fact, it’s preferred as I will sense when the client is open to healing and often times it’s when they are asleep. I can let you know with a simple text or email when your session will start and end.

Sessions could include all the modalities I use, or it may be that you only need one or two. You can request a certain modality to be incorporated into your session, however the energy body will let me know what is required at the time.