SCENAR stands for Self-Controlled Energy Neuro Adaptive Regulator. It was developed in the 1970’s by the Russian Space Program led by Dr. Alexander Karasev, to be used by cosmonauts to maintain optimal health during extended space travel. Today, professional and Olympic teams worldwide use SCENAR to keep their athletes in top form, crediting this therapy for enabling fast recovery from frequent sports related injuries.

The device is a low frequency adaptive electrical stimulator—analyzing your body looking for incoherent energy patterns, it interprets information and adjusts itself accordingly.

It is holistic in nature—an energy healing technology that aligns and strengthens the natural healing system of the body, relieving pain and inflammation. SCENAR’s coherent process of constant two-way communication initiates dialogue with weakened areas of the body. It restores communication with those areas allowing the nervous and immune systems to produce neuropeptides and other regulatory peptides—assisting the body in healing itself.

When the body is not in balance, SCENAR causes a shift in the body’s nervous system from sympathetic to parasympathetic, restoring equilibrium, promoting improved vascularization, a general reduction in swelling and an enhanced recovery from misalignment or pathologic process—including simple colds and bruises to auto immune diseases and degenerative disorders. The SCENAR’s biofeedback muscle re-education often accomplishes overall relaxation.

In 2002, Dr. Karasev began further development of this amazing technology into the potential for rejuvenation and restoration, in addition to helping the body repair itself on a cellular level—targeting the root of a pathology rather than its manifestations—and the Cosmodic® technology was born.

All emotion creates an electromagnetic energetic pattern which the physical body stores on a cellular level. Repressed emotions, belief systems, and even generational identities can be the sole cause of a disease or life condition. The Cosmodic® is able to unlock these stagnant ill-serving emotions at a cellular level to allow the body to release and surrender the need for the disease.

Dr. Karasev was noted as saying a good SCENAR works like a tuning fork. It exposes the body to a harmonious tuning system; and if the device has a floating signal spectrum as in the Cosmodic®, can tune itself into vibrations and frequencies of any organ or tissue in the body, re-establishing healthy vibrations and a coherent state of functional structure.